Hello fellow DIY-ers and/or DIY dreamers. 🙂 SO glad you stopped by!
Today’s post is a little different with a few more emotions immersed into it.  An epiphany occurred within me this weekend:  you must love who you are to be loved and to be happy.  I think pretty much all my life, I have done things for the “image” and the love of someone else, and what I thought others would appreciate or like me for.  I sat and looked around my house and thought, “people who come in here are going to think this is a circus or a fun house!”  That might be true, but what hit me is that it is ME and I LOVE IT!  All of a sudden I didn’t care about what anyone thought of my style (or lack there of —in their minds).  My girls notice every thing I do and gasp in delight when the candlesticks are a new rad color or I make new chicken/chevron art for the kitchen–frankly I gasp a little too sometimes. 🙂  I want them to feel inspired by what I do and feel the free expression to be themselves and to love it.  I had more of an eclectic “out there” kind of style when I was single, but when I got engaged and my future husband bought a house for us to share, I thought I needed to decorate it in an adult and conservative way.  Furnish it with things that most people I knew would like.  I’m sure I still didn’t do it exactly right but it was normal and sort of , well…boring.   My RE-decorating has been a work in progress and I don’t know if it was having two little girls that made me realize that I wanted something brighter, or absolutely needed something that would make me smile when I woke up in the morning.  Life got so crazy, yet so happy, and I just needed to (and STILL need to) express my joy.  Luckily for me, my husband has gotten used to my crazy style and loves me for who I am.  It took me 30-something many years to realize that I too love my style and am comfortable in my own skin.  From the days I dreamed of owning a boutique and moving furniture around in my childhood bedroom, to my awful, awful mistakes in this home and other places I’ve lived (there have been lots of mistakes down the road)….I’ve discovered an inner peace.  I am who I am and no longer wish to be someone else’s ideal cause honestly, I don’t think anyone cares THAT much anyway!

Who doesn’t like pretty things and looking at pinterest or other fabulous blogs (like this one 😉 and websites for fantastic ideas, especially when you are stumped?  I think that’s all you really need to do, ‘look for ideas’ and put your own spin on it.  This amazing concept doesn’t just go with your home decor, but also your wardrobe.  I always want to fit in, but I realized I do just by being me.  I put so much stress and money into how I think things are supposed to look.  Today I will be emptying out my closet that is filled with unnecessary clothing that I thought I should get.  Time to be in my own element and wear the clothes that express who I am.  Most of my life I have felt like I wasn’t your typical girl, but I always tried to be her.  It’s kinda sad when it takes so long to figure all of this out, but when you do it is inspiring and stress free.  I feel so reborn and I hope that you all take a look at yourselves and realize you are all special, unique and lovely just by being you.  EMBRACE YOU!

Thank you for sticking around to read my emotional awakening.  🙂  It means a lot to me that you visit my little blog.  My next BIG project is comin’ atcha very soon.  Something I’ve never tried in my DIY life, so maybe you’ll be learning something right along with me!

Take care and do something creative today!  And when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, say hi with a smile.  Feel good and carry on. 🙂


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