I had been looking for a mirrored window for a LONG time.  Time and time again I would browse the “large frame” section of my local Goodwill and then I FINALLY found it!  It was once a peachy, beige color,   I guess you could call it neutral?  Didn’t matter what color it was…in my mind it was going to be white.  I painted it kinda rough/shabby because it was just that in texture.  After it was complete, sans letters, I put it up in 4 different places…..yea…FOUR.  It just wasn’t right in any of the spots or rooms that I had envisioned.  Sitting at  my kitchen table pondering over my dilemma, I looked up and it hit me like a pie in the face.  My breakfast nook!  That’s where it belonged!  So up it went with some shifting of other things to make room.  I stared at it for days thinking it still needed something.  The finished product shows you just what it desired…our family of four.  ­čÖé  I love this wall so much and now I feel like it loves me.

Don’t be afraid of the cliche that has been attached to letters or words or phrases scripted on your walls.  I feel like it’s the best way for me to express what is in my heart, especially on days when I shouldn’t but do forget to say it.

Today is the perfect day to create something with someone you love….or like a whole lot. ­čÖé
Have a good one!

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