So it’s not surprising when I have a chair makeover post.  I have a love/hate relationship with upholstery projects.  They kill my back and my fingers but dang….I just LOVE the outcome so much!  Not to mention the feeling like you are assembling a really hard puzzle.  The little bits of confidence sprinkled in with the mayhem of the project are what I live for. 🙂  Let’s get into it, shall we?

I acquired this little guy at one of my local Good Will stores.  There wasn’t much inspecting going on by me, I just sat in it to see if it was “sit-able.”  It was and I grabbed it (along with a small filing cabinet I have some fun plans for that will be featured on the blog soon!).

The purpose of the chair was for it to go in my master bedroom as a vanity chair (for when I figured out what my vanity situation was…ha.  I do things SO out of order!).  Turns out that it was too wide for said purpose.  The good news is that I needed a nice little chair to replace the glider in my 3 year old’s room. ( I don’t know about you but it hurts me to get rid of anything that is linked in memories with my littles.  🙁  BUT that glider is something I never liked even with my first kid and it was starting to creak somethin’ creepy so “hasta luego, dude.” )

 OK..onto the upholstery.  This fabric was funk-a-delic in a 70s? 80s? 90s? way.  (I really need to research furniture from the different eras so I can be more specific.  Plus the dos and don’ts of home decor styles of those decades are so fascinating! ) 

I ripped off all of the fabric and cording.

I decided that this new chair had to be candy pink, and that’s the exact color I got!  Rutoleum “Candy Pink.” 

While sanding this chair I noticed lost of cracks in the wood and one of the arms was not attached.  OOPS.  No worries though…I sanded down as much as I could and then reattached the arm with wood glue and staples.  Good as new!   Sorta.
There were rips in the wicker weave side panels that I actually had noticed in the store.  I thought about doing something different there, and still might, but for now those holes are hidden by a ruffled purple heart pillow. 🙂

 The batting/foam fill was not very pretty…GOLD?  Every time I reupholster a chair I replace the stuffing.  It’s not something you HAVE to do, but I just like making it new and fresh from the inside out and sometimes it just needs some extra spongy fluff.
I had some fabric left over from curtains I made for my oldest daughter’s room makeover .  I would say it was “perfect” for the chair, but it is a very light weight cotton material that is a bit flimsy.   I didn’t want to buy anything else, and well…the colors were perfect if nothing else.  I pushed through and got it done.  (I personally would recommend a heavier material for projects like these, especially if you are a beginner.  Choose medium to heavy, like duck canvas or of course the upholstery fabrics.)  I got this gold dot pattern at

I had a hard time trying to figure out how to attach the back part of the seat.  It took some pinning, folding and tucking, but I eventually came up with something that worked.

I thought maybe I would use cording to cover up the staples but cording hates me and I always have to glue it on.  BLAH.  I also despise sewing that thin/ long strip.  Sometimes I do it because there is no other option, but sometimes I just add tacks…and in this case I used gold ones. 🙂

The last step came to me in a flash while I was finishing up the tacks.  I kept wondering what I should use to put around the bottom of the seat to cover up my tucks and staples.  I did a fair job of making it look neat but it needed to have more of a finished look.  I had a roll of wide burlap ribbon with a dark pink chevron pattern in my crafty stash.  Would it work? I asked myself.  Would I have enough?  I again muttered under my breath.  I had JUST enough!  YES!!  After stapling and spraying it heavily with fabric glue so that it wouldn’t fray (that burlap can be a stinker!) I adorned it with gold brads/tacks.

(It definitely needs a duster and it shall get it’s wish soon.)

I must say it’s funky but SO cute.  Do I love it?  Yep.  Most importantly my “customer” loves it too!  She has a self described “princess chair” of her very own!

Sometimes the projects that perplex you the most are the ones that turn out the very best.
Fear is not an option.  Face it and try your best.

Have a wonderful day!

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