Greetings from DIYland!
I have been chomping at the bit to write this post.  By far  this is my favorite project to date.

A few weeks ago I asked my dad (well my daughter and I asked) for a custom small-ish barbie house/apartment/studio.  My “Pop” has been into making bird houses for over a  year now, and well, you will remember that he built my farmhouse table which was my very first blog post as DIYLori.  (Go take a peek if you haven’t seen it yet, I’m still in love with that able).  I didn’t have a plan for the finished house in the beginning, just that my daughter was going to help me paint it.  When Dad was done and we brought it home I started hatching ideas and soon this thought crept into my little diy mind: “I’m going to make this a tiny home decorating project.”  And so it began!  My daughter was bummed that I took over the project, and I do feel a tiny bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t just let her go to town on it with paint and glitter or whatever else she was conjuring.  A “tiny” bit disappointed.  Before you cry foul on the bad mama move, I did let her paint the shutters and pick out the wall paper.  Trust me, when it was finished she was super excited and didn’t really care anymore that she didn’t get to help more.  She said, “Mommy!  My barbies are going to LOVE how you fixed up their house!”  I feel like I won an award or was given an incredible honor when she bestowed her praise onto me.

The details:  I made most every single piece of furniture, curtain, curtain rods, couch, ceiling fan, chandelier, window flower boxes, etc.  Obviously it’s a LOT of detail to go over so I won’t go into everything.  However, if you want the specs of the house, please leave a comment and I will post my dad’s tutorial.  The following are detailed pictures of my/our masterpiece.  I already requested that my dad make me another one because decorating this one was just  too much fun!


 Look at the light shining in the window!

 I sort of feel like the bed is a little hosptial-ish, but it’s big enough for Barbie and the loft.  The mirrors are from Hobby Lobby and were 30% off the day I bought them.
The fence is from Hobby Lobby as well and I used wood trim (that comes in the variety pack).  Glued that onto the fence so it would stay put.  It also served as a nice baseboard for the “dark wood” floors.
 The majority of the house is scrap book paper and craft paint.  The outside of the house was painted with Valspar Mushroom, which is what I had left over from my mud room project.

 You know that I HAD to include some word art.  It’s just my thing. 🙂
 I had white cotton fabric that I starched and sewed for the curtains and the curtain rods are cake pop sticks with upholstery tacks stuck in the ends.  You can see the messy hot glue installation on this bottom pic, but I fixed it.
I made the couch/futon out of small wood planks and blocks for legs.  Painted, then put together with wood glue.  I had some faux pearls in my stash so I just hot glued those on for a glam/shabby chic look.
This coffee table was a small wood jewelry box that I painted by mixing yellow and taupe craft paint, then I TRIED to create a chevron pattern with turquoise.  Yea…TRIED. 🙂
The ceiling fan.  MY FAVE part!  I went through a few different ideas for this and this one was the clear winner.  I had an empty spool that used to hold wire, some small planks that were left over from a random frame I bought.  The planks were painted the same color as the floor and then hot glued to the glittered spool.
The chandelier hangs above the bed.  I used left over chandelier earring components I had.  I strung crystal beads on them and fashioned some sort of gold wire hanger.  Don’t ask me how…this is kind of strangely rigged up there. It is hanging onto an upholstery tack.
I felt like it needed a little something “extra” ….ha…if you can believe that! 🙂  So I created some little window boxes for a homey feel. 
How do you like it???  I’m so proud!  I was reluctant to give it to my daughter just because I wanted it as a display piece for my office!  hee hee….but my husband said I HAD to give it to her. pff. 😉
She loves it though….and so do her Barbies!!

Big shout out to my Pops who has some major wood working skills!  His craftsmanship is beautiful.

Nothing makes the heart sing more than when you do something that completely captivates your creativity.

Have a great day y’all!

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